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Products - Scan Mobility


A wide range of profiling beds to help maintain in independence and assist in care giving.


A safe sleeping environment

for children and small adults. Various options available.

Static Mattresses

A range of pressure reducing static foam mattresses.

Paediatric Mattresses

A range of dynamic and static mattresses suitable for babies and young infants

Dynamic Mattresses

A range of dynamic mattress systems to include low pressure, alternating, low air loss and lateral rotation.

Static Cushions

A range of pressure reducing static foam cushions.

Bariatric Products

Bariatric Bed and Mattress Solutions

Paediatric Beds

View the Paediatric Beds we have available.


We have a wide range of accessories available.

Heel Boots

View the Heel Boots we have available.

Lateral Rotation System
(Turning Mattress)

ScanTurn Lateral Rotation System is designed to limit the effects of pressure & immobility by providing lateral rotation and subsequent pressure relief.

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