A new style of cot to meet the needs of customers in an ever more demanding environment. The cot is designed with ease of assembly and installation built in, enabling personal care and most importantly providing a safe environment for children of all age and sizes.

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       Mattress platform size

  • 700mm x 1700mm x 600mm

  • 700mm x 1700mm x 800mm

  • 900mm x 1900mm x 600mm

  • 900mm x 1900mm x 800mm

  • 1900mm x 900mm x 1000mm

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Accessory's available

  • Vision Padding

  • Top Padding

  • Entrapment board 

  • Feeding tube accesss

Paediatric Hospital Cot


After their success with the Impression Cot within the community for the NHS, Scan Mobility are pleased to introduce the PAEDIATRIC COT for Hospital wards.  Designed in conjunction with some of the leading UK and EU paediatric specialists. The Paediatric Cot has been designed to improve the environment for patients, nursing staff, carers and parents alike.  The durability and functionality of the Cot is second to none.  Scan Mobilityhas been a major leader with new innovation products in the community for over 20 years and now we wish to pass on our traditions, strength and quality into the acute sector.


The Paediatric Cot has all the usual requirements for this type of product within the Hospital environment.  Plus the head and foot board are in Plexiglas for better vison and may be opened or removed with ease, the frame work can be done in a choice of colours.  

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