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Mattress Testimonials

Dan Cundall

Scan Serenity 2 Mattress

Slowly but surely my lack of sleep had been catching up with me but the pain had also been building. I have md and have been in a wheelchair for about 30 years so discomfort during the night created discomfort during the day. I had no escape from it. My old air mattress was very basic and not meeting my needs and I had to get it changed. 

I knew what I required. Extra air pockets to spread my load so I didn't fall between the gaps but the question was where do I go. 

I had a trial of an all singing automatic air mattress to bad results. Pressure had to be set by an engineer but after a few attempts it was just not right. I needed more control myself, another point on my shopping list. 

I then found the Scan Mobility website and saw the Scan Serenity 2 and liked the look of it and then on a trial I loved the feel of it. I remembered what a good nights sleep felt like. After a few days of use I found the discomfort in my chair had also eased. 

With funding secured the mattress was mine and it is a joy to live with. Simply select your weight setting and that is it. To dress press the static button and it firms up, to sit press sitting and to sleep, both settings automatically revert to lying mode or manually select and there you go. 

Sleeping has now returned to being my haven, a break from my chair and a chance to recharge for the next day. 
A simple design, easy to use and works like a dream. 

Scan Mobility were also a pleasure to work with. Very helpful and understanding. 

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